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We all learned the first lesson on hygiene way back in our childhood. Why it's important and how it can affect our health is nothing you don’t already know about. 

However, what still, in some parts of the world, is less tackled about is feminine hygiene. It's not an entirely new concept. Thankfully, with the surge of women taking a stand for themselves to bring to the table the hush-hush topic, it is now more and more talked about. From young girls to older women, we all know that taking care of our intimate areas is as important as taking care of our skin, hair, and overall health.  

And since taking care of delicate intimate areas is on the agenda, being extra cautious when selecting the feminine care product for it is of utmost importance. Our intimate areas have their own microbiome that favors our health, and different pH levels, among other things. 

Disturbing any of these mentioned above may result in not-so-good responses from our body. Hence, it is imperative to select the right product that is designed keeping in mind all that your intimate area needs to function well.

Now, finding the right product can be a dilemma. But not with Black Owned 365. We’ve selected some specially formulated, free-from harmful chemicals products that you can trust with maintaining proper hygiene without disturbing the personal environment of your intimate area. Keep reading to learn what those are.

Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins

Reign premium sanitary napkins


First and foremost, the feminine care essential is the sanitary pad. With the constant fear of leakage and stains in mind, periods do keep us on our toes. And not to mention, the cramps we suffer just add to the discomfort we feel throughout. 

Fighting all your anxiety related to periods, here is Rein Premium Sanitary Napkin. Its ultra-thin pads make you feel free and light. Its super-absorbent material effectively absorbs moderate flow without making you feel drenched. The soft-to-touch surface of the pads prevents skin irritation. It's breathable and light. Rest assured; it takes away all your worry related to leakage with its leak guard protection keeping you stain-free and odor-free for hours. 

Foaming Intimate Wash

Foaming intimate wash

As said above, our intimate area has its own environment constituted by different pH levels, the bacterial presence that gets regulated during the different times of the month, and a lot of other things. Since the chemistry of our intimate area is different from that of our other body parts, using the same body wash is just not justifiable for feminine wash. 

Try the Honey Pot Feminine Wash. This foaming intimate wash is made of all-natural plant-based ingredients that can effectively reduce the chances of getting caught by bacterial and fungal infections. It helps in relieving irritation. Most importantly, it's made using a gynecologist-approved, plant-based formula that is free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, dioxides, and sulfates.

Herbal Vulva Cream

herbal cream


A little carelessness in intimate areas may result in unbearable irritation. Irritation may make you feel almost like you’re walking around with a cactus between your legs. And this condition may ruin your whole day. 

Saving you from irritation, here is Soothing Lavender Vulva Cream, which soothes the skin and comforts you in no time. Made with the goodness of mint for a cooling sensation, lavender, and coconut oil for super moisturization. Best of all, it is dermatologically approved and extremely kind to your skin. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. So walk like you’re walking with flowers between your legs, not the cactus. 

Sanitary Napkin for Super Heavy Flow

reign heavy flow pads


Periods are never easy; for some, it is painful for some, it is flooding; and for some, it's both. Especially the initial days or for girls who have just stepped into the world of womanhood. Managing the heavy flow and the cramps requires mental and physical strength that only we, women, can understand. 

Thus, helping you in making periods a little more bearable and way more manageable, here are Rein Sanitary Napkins for super Heavy Flow. It comes with wings to provide you with extra coverage. The extra coverage lets you sleep peacefully with no worries of leaking or staining the bedsheet on the mind. It is made with super soft and comfortable skin-friendly cotton. It also has graphene for detoxification and odor control. With super absorbency, Rein Sanitary Napkins also help reduce cramps. It is biodegradable and non-toxic hence safe for your feminine health.  

Looking for a place to buy gentle feminine care products and more? Look no further. Visit Black Owned 365 and become a part of the community that supports black-owned businesses. 

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