Dishwasher Machine Tablets - (30 Tablets in 1 Package)

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These safe and effective Dishwasher Tablets are great at removing grease and leaving your dishes sparkling clean!

  • Effective in hard water conditions 
  • Great for short cycles
  • Includes plant-derived and mineral-based ingredients
  • Not tested on Animals

Packed in a Cardboard Box with 30 dishwasher tabs.

Box may have powder from the movement of tablets in the box during transit. 

The powder is safe to scoop into dishwasher cups in dishwasher for use.

How to Use: Rinse dishes of big food or heavily caked on food.  With dry hands, place one tab into main dishwasher cup and close.  Select preferred wash cycle and run as required.

Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Percarbonate, Water, Sodium Silicate, Decyl Glucoside and Lemon Essential Oil

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