Reign Natural Spray Lean Keto Spray

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Reign Spray Lean-Keto BHB spray is a great tool for those who are seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Spray Lean Keto BHB  supports the biologic functions of the body that use stored fat as energy, whilst potentially leading to weight loss. The product’s primary ingredient and form factor combine to support natural energy, potentially reducing “brain fog”, while providing a prophylactic against cravings for carbohydrates through its fast uptake of the active ingredient BHB salts. When used throughout the day in lieu of high sugar snacks.  Spray Lean- KETO BHB spray supports the compliance` and biologic functions that sustain ketosis, thereby encouraging the body to burn fat as fuel.

Incredibly pleasant taste and convenience of use is a very important factor as compliance with many BHB supplements is typically low due to poor flavor and inconvenience. Our convenient form factor combined with great taste is designed to support you the user to maintain your ketogenic lifestyle & help you reach your goals. Spray Lean- Keto BHB is delicious, we have set the bar really high! In fact we are a bit worried you will spray it all in one-day.  We have a caramel macchiato flavor to help with your cravings. 
Features & Benefits:
  • Reduce cravings for high carb foods in between meals
  • Supports periods of mental and physical fatigue
  • Use pre and post periods of physical exertion
  • Maintenance of ketosis through diet
  • Can be used as a snack replacement
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA
Directions for Use:
1. Spray directly into mouth.
2. Hold 5 seconds before swallowing.
We recommend 8 sprays per day, may be taken as 4 sprays, 2x per day.
Store cool dry place.

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