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Companies often push out products that are harmful and irritable to the female body. However, some black-owned brands have solved these problems by developing gentle and safe products for women. Read on to see some of our favorite black owned, operated, and produced feminine hygiene brands.

1. Honey and Sage Co.
If you need a brand that cares about nourishing the spectrum of family wellness from menarche to menopause, Honey and Sage Co is the brand. They are situated in Henderson, North Carolina. From $10 you get teas, creams and lotions for your wellness.

2. Organyc
Organyc is a feminine care brand known for turning cotton into personal care products. This brand of over 70 years is owned by Corman, a second-generation family-owned middle market company based in Milan, Italy. They create tampons, beauty products for women and babies around the world, catering for sensitive skins. The products start from $30, depending on your feminine needs.

3. OUI the People
Karen, a lover of feeling great in your skin, started OUI in 2015. Here, you can get products that will keep your skin nourished, without necessarily pursuing flawlessness. You can get any of your needs, from lip balm for $45 to shaving razor for $80.

4. Embrace Pangaea
Embrace Pangaea was founded in 2014 to provide a holistic for plant-based body products. The founder, T.C. Atkinson is an alumna of Florida A&M university that uses her knowledge of chemistry to develop safe products for body detox, cleansing, and rebuilding. Product price ranges from $14 to $50.

5. The Brown Crayon Project
Selma Idris, a Sudanese-American mother of two started the Brown Crayon Project in 2015. Her products include cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, suited for brown babies’ hair, scalp, and skin. Prices range from $20 and above. Selma uses natural ingredients, earth conscious practices and maintains safety during production.

6. Glamology
Andy Anand started the glamology feminine brand out of search for natural and safe products. Materials used for production include herbs and other chemical Free, Paraben Free and cruelty free ingredients. She started by producing face masks and beauty regimen for personal use till she went commercial in 2017. Her products start from $10.

7. Beija Flor Naturals
Stevonne Ratliff strated her company in Oakland in 2013. It was out of a quest to find a solution to hypo and hyper pigmentation. She once suffered from hypo and hyper pigmentation and a number of skin sensitivities. Her products go for as low as $20

8. Wombilee

Raffinaé LaJuan & C.Nichole are both entrepreneurs and activists. There company Wombilee was in 2022 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Wombilee is rooted in activism; to provide education and menstrual products to women throughout the African diaspora. There primary products are their heavy, moderate, and light pads. The pads are designed with 7 layers of protection to the graphene strip. This helps to the body's pH balanced while inhibiting bacteria.

9. Nene FemHealth
Nerissa Irving-Olugbala started the brand in 2014. While she makes products that are toxic-free, she offers workshops for teenagers to support them during puberty. Happiness and health products from Nene Femhealth start from $20.

10. Honey Love Essentials
Hilary, Jane Bowen, and Kate Co-Founded Honeylove essentials in 2013, in the USA. The brand produces and sells natural skin care products including foot creams, salve and acne creams. They are very affordable, starting from $5.

11. The Creme Shop
The Creme shop was founded by Theresa and Lawrence Kim in South Korea over 45 years ago. it grew into a whimsical and eclectic cosmetics and skincare brand based in Los Angeles. The products are a wide range including makeup, skincare, eyelashes, and beauty accessories, from $6 and above.

12. LOOM
The Antiracist Prenatal and Postnatal Care Preferences were co-created by Erica Chidi and Dr. Cahill. Loom's aim is to protect Black birthing women and people by making abortion pills, prenatal and postpartum education available. They started the wellness movement in 2016.

13. ElleBox Co.
ElleBox is a subscription company from the founders of Blume. They provide customized organic pads and tampons according to users preferences. The subscription plans include Necessities Box, which costs $10 per month and provides organic tampons and/or pads, and Comfort Box, which costs $35 per month, which has preferred organic tampons and/or pads, chocolate and tea, and 2 self-care gifts.

14. Kinkistry
Angela Fité founded Kinkistry in 2015 as she believes the hair is not just our crown and glory, but it also represents our heritage and culture. They cater for all types of Black hair, with hair care products, wigs and accessories, which you can get from $50 to $500.

15. Goddess Detox
Goddess Detox started in 2015 by self-help writer Vanessa White also known as Olanikee Osi. The brand focuses on holistic feminine wellness and offers a range of products such as yoni pearls, yoni eggs, and herbal supplements. The signature yono pearls goes for $33.

Your hygiene has become safer thanks to these brands. They consider your health and well-being. While there are quite many others, we recommend that you go for the brands on our list first.

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