Elevate Your Space: Must-Have Decor Pieces from Black-Owned Brands
Looking to support black-owned businesses while adding a touch of style to your home? Discover a curated list of black-owned decor brands offering unique and high-quality products. From furniture to home accessories, these brands showcase creativity and craftsmanship, making them the perfect choice for your next interior design update.
  1. AphroChic

    • Founder: Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason
    • Description: Blends modern and cultural influences in home decor.
    • AphroChic Website
  2. Lulu & Georgia by Justina Blakeney

    • Founder: Justina Blakeney
    • Description: Offers vibrant and bohemian-inspired home decor.
    • Lulu & Georgia Website
  3. Rayo & Honey

    • Founder: Roachele Negron
    • Description: Known for stylish and empowering wall art and banners.
    • Rayo & Honey Website
  4. 54kibo

    • Founder: Nana Quagraine
    • Description: Curates contemporary African design in home decor.
    • 54kibo Website
  5. Effortless Composition

  6. BLK MKT Vintage

    • Founder: Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart
    • Description: A vintage shop curating Black culture-inspired home goods.
    • BLK MKT Vintage Website

Supporting black-owned decor brands is a powerful way to celebrate diversity and empower underrepresented entrepreneurs in the industry. By intentionally choosing products from these brands, consumers can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable market while bringing unique and culturally rich designs into their homes. Which one is your fave?

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