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In 2018, when 25-Year-Old Chanel Turner, first stepped out on to the Wine & Spirits scene as Black Woman Business Owner, she successfully disrupted the space offering a balanced Ultra-Premium Vodka. Now four years into her success, Fou-dre is an award-winning Vodka. Read on and get inspired by the woman behind her own vodka brand.





  • Her personal story reads of perseverance over struggle, a talented student athlete from the Northeast, inspired by her social experiences and the selection of cocktails for intended for women limited to sugary drinks.
  • By 2009, Turning was actively scoping out distilleries to found Fou-dre (French for lighting)
  • In 2016, Turner launched the first annual Black Wined & Spirts Festival. This event would serve as a platform for Fou-dre while creating exposure opportunities for other Black Owned Wines.



  • Fast forward six years to today and Fou-dre is sold across 6 U.S. States and 2 countries
  • It is rated in the top 100 brands (Cigar & Spirits Mag) & Platinum for flavored/infused vodka (2015 SIP Awards)


Read below a notable quote of hers:

“It’s important to have women in the alcohol industry because let’s face it- females were made to lead. Women bring diverse perspectives to industries often jaded by the dominance of male ownership. The US alcohol industry is extremely antiquated and was monolithic up until recently. Women are great communicators, strategists, and innovators – all traits that are needed in the alcohol industry.”

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