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Black people are the trailblazers for living plant-based and sustainable lifestyles and we can attribute that to our ancestors who were forced to be resourceful in order to survive. We’ve intuitively cut out the harmful foods and products we consume each day and now we’re building businesses to spread the message. Garner’s Garden is leading the community in hair, skin and oral care—using all natural ingredients and they are the first ever black owned oral care business to hit the market.

Philip Garner, based out of DC is the founder of Garner’s Garden. As a kid, Philip was obsessed with toiletries. While most kids used their allowances to purchase material items or game consuls, Philip collected shampoos and body soaps. In 2011 he became adamant about looking at ingredients and noticed the amount of “poison” in the various products he consumed. After switching over to a plant-based lifestyle, he developed the belief that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them.

Inspired by his grandmother’s use of olive oil on her hands, he studied carrier and essential oils and formulated bug repellants and body butters. He sold his products to friends, family members and at local farmer’s markets. And it was in 2013 when he made Garner’s Garden an official business.

The company makes soaps, deodorants, facial cleansers, but their highest selling products are oral care items. Philip’s oral care line is fluoride free and made with all natural ingredients like neem, tea tree and peppermint oil. The company today, produces over 1200 bottles of mouthwash a day and counting. Philip’s mission has always been to “heal the world” and he continues to do so through crafting natural high-quality products his customers can trust.

 We invest in beauty products every month and sometimes every week. Instead of buying from big franchises, let’s buy black and support Garner’s Garden in their mission to heal the world.

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