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Yaaaassss! Spring is finally here. This is a special time of year for us melanated plant lovers and plant Zaddy’s. A great time for beginners too. Are you looking for new plants? Let’s start spring off right by supporting some of our favorite Black Owned gardens, hubs, & nursery’s.

Read on to discover 25 Black-Owned plant & seed stores to support.

  1. Natty Garden. Natty gardens started in 2008, by Joel Mahfood in Brooklyn New York. They sell Indoor and outdoor plants, soil, mulch, pottery and planters, holiday tress and accessories.
  2. Leaf me. The name alone is enough to make you want to visit. It is owned by Alexis Sims. Leaf me is a brand that wants you to have a healthy relationship with plants. They have a wide range of plants for both indoor and outdoor.
  3. Tal & Bert. Ray and Val Talbert began their garden in 2020. Out of their love for outdoor and art, they started a home garden. Now they sell seeds, plants and flowers.
  4. The Flora Culture. This garden is owned by the Oakes family in Houston, Texas. They sell a variety of plants and plant accessories.
  5. My Backyard Texas Garden. This garden is popularly known for Okra as the owner, Sherrie has a variety Okra seeds and other seeds for sale.
  6. Tansy. Tansy is a garden owned by Shawna Christian. When you visit them, you will go home with onne of their lovely plants, garlands and plant accessories.
  7. BLK Girls Green House. This house was formed by two Oakland women, Kalkidan and Roxanne.  Apart from plants, they sell different home decorative items to beautify your home.
  8. Tiaplanta. Tiaplanta is owned by Shayla Cabrera in New Jersey. Her long time love for plants made her create a garden to share with you.
  9. Plant Salon. Nika Vaughan loves beauty. She also loves plants! So, she decided to create an environment where she could sell plants, as well as sell beauty products.
  10. Bouquets by Carolyn. Carolyn from Saint Paul is the first African-American Woman to own a floral business in Minnesota.
  11. XNStudio. This plant studio started in 2011 by Nasozi Kakembo. She sells everything plants, from bedside plants to furniture.
  12. deVine plantery. Black women supporting each other is what we see with this garden. Kelly Brown and Maya Haynie joined hands to sell beautiful houseplants to their community.
  13. Backyard Garden Seeds. What can you find in a garden? BGS sells literally everything you can find. From soil, seed, plants, to merchs and a garden kit for the children.
  14. SoulGardener74. This is an etsy plant shop where Katrina sells plants, flowers and seeds for planting.
  15. Melanated Organic Seeds. It is located in Florida, and you are sure to get healthy seeds and herbs for your home and garden.
  16. Planting with P. Paris Hannon has an online store where she sells flowers, wreaths, candles and all other plant varieties.
  17. My Crazy Plant life. For Shameka calvin, her love for plants made her begin an online blog which grew into an online store. Some of her plants are already mounted, so you just order and your house becomes green with plants.
  18. PRICK. Are you a cactus lover? Prick is a boutique in London that has several succulent plants in display for sale. Gynelle Leon is the brain behind this idea.
  19. Gounded. Grounded is an online plant shop founded by Mignon Hemsley. His goal is to ensure that your love for plants in a digital world is revived.
  20. Harlem Roots. Harlem roots is an online gift shop owned by Corrina Wainwright. She specializes in gifts and plant medicines, and her customers claims she gets it right!
  21. Roots and Blooms. They offer mainly floral services. They deal in both natural and artificial flowers for your office, event or you home décor.
  22. Lillith Plant Shop. It is owned by Starsha Valentine who believes that plants help to bring a space to life.
  23. Yelo Aple. Yelo Aple focuses of the green plants. From aloes to the dragon plant, you can get any green and antique plant from here.
  24. Zen Succulent. Just like PRICK, Zen majors on succulent houseplants. It is 100% owned by women. You can locate them in Durham, and Raleigh, North California.
  25. Pepper Palm. Pepper sells flowers and plants. She also sells beautiful pots which will add an artistic touch to your space, and is also good as a gift idea. 

    Do you know another brand that should be added to the list? Did you spot your favorite? Let us know in the comments. Don't be stingy. Share with a friend.
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