Black Owned 365 is excited to highlight the founders of some of our landmark brands. We will continue to add notable mentions to this feature.


Philip Garner is passionate about self care. He believes that Self Care doesn't need to be luxury but an affordable part of our everyday life. Part of self care is maintaining a healthy daily skin regimen. 

This inspired him to develop a collection of affordable natural skincare products by founding Garner's Garden. Philip is committed to helping people live healthier lifestyles by creating natural beauty products that are handmade and crafted with high-quality ingredients. Garner's Garden, keeping your skin healthy and hydrated since 2012!
Angela Richards has a passion for creating soaps. She also understands the importance of environmental responsibility. The founder and CEO turned passion into profit when she and Michelle Richards founded Pur Home, collection of cleaning supplies made from plant based ingredients. 
Today their kitchen, bathroom, and home cleaning supplies are leaping bunny certified. The product packaging is mostly sustainable and made of biodegradable materials. Their plastic is recyclable and the exterior packaging is ready for compost, making sustainable shopping effortless and easy to support.
Rob Jackson is often busy and needed a reliable lighting that could keep up with his lifestyle. He is also a proud African American who embraces many of the Kwanzaa principles which serve as symbols of pride and empowerment among Black people in the United States. The principle Ujamaa stems from the ideology of economic independence. Focusing on this principle in particular he founded Ujamaa Lighting.
The Austin, Texas based founder pulls from his inspirations to innovate both the 60w power conserving LED and mobile controlled Smart LED lightbulbs. Mr. Jackson recognized that energy-efficient light bulbs were something that EVERY household needed.  This was the foundation that brought about the Ujamaa vision.