Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins Moderate Flow Maxi Pads for Women

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Product Overview

10 Pack: Reign Sanitary Napkins offer a Moderate Flow ultra-thin, super absorbent design w/ wings. Combined with a 3 dimensional layer with leak guard sides for extra protection. The Reign Innovative design that is infused with Nobel Prize Winning material “Graphene”.

The infused graphene strip provides various health benefits that:

  • Relieves painful abdominal cramps
  • Balance the body’s PH
  • Eliminate harmful bacteria
  • Reduce vaginal menstrual odor
  • Graphene moves excessive heat away from your core


How To Use

Remove the pad from the disposable wrapper and apply the pad to the underwear. To Dispose of: Remove pad from underwear, wrap in a disposable wrapper or toilet paper and throw away in the trash. BAG IT & TRASH IT. DON'T FLUSH IT!

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