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During the holiday season, Black consumers in the U.S. spend 20% more compared to White, Asian, & Hispanic consumers. Our community contributes to over $3 Trillion in consumer revenue across major retailers (ref. Nielsen) such as Amazon, Target, & Walmart. Less than 10% of the dollars spent by Black consumers are spent at Black Owned businesses.

This year, whether we choose to support the small independent or established brands, it is important that we understand the benefit of recirculating dollars within our communities. Supporting black owned brands helps Black families build wealth, hire black professionals, and protect the creativity from our culture that is too often appropriated.

Tis the season for holiday shopping, and this year, we're focusing on black-owned businesses. We've compiled a list of 200 black-owned companies where you may shop for everyone on your list this holiday season.

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  1. Amour Geneve

Amour Geneva wine is closely tied to his father, Freddie Franço Saline. For one thing, her blue trademark reflects her affection for her longtime love of Saline.


  1. Anteel Tequila

Nayana Ferguson is the beauty and mastermind behind Anteel Tequila. She is the first tequila brand in the United States to be partially owned and operated by a black woman, and the only Blanco She Coconut Lime company in the world to sell her tequila.


  1. Bleu Vodka

Blue Vodka was created by Arizbeth Jeter, her husband Britt Jeter, and their business partner Dr. Tony Vanden Bush. The range currently includes two of his flavors: Blue Original, a wild blueberry vodka liqueur made with grain vodka and wild blueberries and the second version in the collection Bleu Pel Vodka Liqueur, made from grain vodka and citrus zest. The brand is now offered at a few retail locations in the US states of Illinois and Iowa.


  1. Du Nord Craft Spirits

Shanelle Montana and her husband Chris Montana, a former president of the American Craft Spirits Association, are the owners of Du Nord Craft Spirits. The Minneapolis-based distillery produces a range of award-winning spirits, including L’Etoile Du Nord Vodka, Fitzgerald Gin, and Mixed Blood Blended Whiskey.


  1. Ebony Wine and Spirits

Ebony Wines and Spirits is a family business. Masunda enlisted the help of her entire family to make the brand even better. As a wine lover, she found that the number of black female owners was still very low, so she wanted to enter the industry.


  1. Exclave Spirits

Exclave Spirits has a lot to offer in terms of its flavor and design, but what we particularly like is that the brand pays tribute to the lost stories and contribution of black people to creating progressive spirits. It represents "We are dedicated to innovation, creating world-class products in tribute to the avant-garde Black His distiller."


  1. Fou-Dre Vodka

Chanel Turner is the youngest woman to start her own liquor company. She wanted to make vodka for women. After testing over 80 formulas, she worked with a South Carolina distillery to create her Fou-Dre. Their vodka can be purchased online or in person.


  1. L.S. Cream Liqueur

Haitian-Canadian couple Miriam and Stevens-Charles founded the brand around 2013 when they figured that this renowned recipe could not be found for sale anywhere. Their grandparents and aunts would spend hours in the kitchen preparing the beverage, which was made with nutmeg, cream, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla, and pure grain alcohol. It had a significant role in Haitian culture.


  1. Look Vodka

Carmelita Hilliard, the company's founder, developed Look Vodka in 2016. Carmelita was aware of a vacuum in the market for minority women suppliers in the alcohol sector as well as the absence of a brand that catered to these customers. She made the decision to dedicate herself to the concept of building a brand and movement to close the local market gap at that moment.


  1. Mayine Gin

Mayine Gin was the first Black-owned gin brand in Africa when it was established by gin lovers Luvuyo Jongile and his wife Nodumo Jongile. Rooibos Infused and Grape Based are the two flavors that make up Mayine, which means "let it rain."


  1. Ole’ Orleans Wines

Ole' Orleans Wines pays homage to New Orleans and its rich history. Kim Lewis, a native of New Orleans, launched Blanc Du Blanc, Blanc du Bois, and Merlot in 2018.


  1. Revel Spirits

The company's founders, Micah McFarlane and Jacqui Thompson, are on a quest to provide customers with the best organic spirits on the market by using sustainable and fair-trade agricultural methods. 100% agave is the only ingredient in Revel. Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo are the three expressions available for sale.


  1. Rex Whiskey

Rex Whiskey was produced in 2017 by Royalty Spirits, a liquor company owned by Chaunci King. In the Pacific Northwest, she is the first African American woman to run a bar. The goal of this Portland, Oregon-based company is to create spirits of rich taste, excellent quality, and longevity.


  1. Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur

Rivulet begins with the finest slow-distilled brandy, then slowly and thoroughly aged in small oak barrels, making it softer than silk, according to some. Their brandy is distilled and aged using the same time-tested methods and traditions passed down for generations.


  1. Saint Liberty Whiskey

Erin Harris and Dia Simms, two minority women who lead a spirits advisory group, are part owners of the company. To elevate the voices of the underrepresented women in American history, each bottle has the narrative of a female bootlegger.


  1. Sephina Spirits

V.S.O.P, Cognac and fortified wine are combined to create Sephina, a handmade alcohol imported from France. The combination, which Ken Gilbert founded, offers both warmth and richness for an opulent flavor.


  1. Sukari Spirits

Sukari Spirits is a hybrid brand that provides customers with the best ready-to-drink vodka spirits available, all of which are handcrafted and domestically produced. The brand only uses natural ingredients, such as fruit flavors and vegetable juices, and does not use any artificial preservatives or flavors. This makes it easy for people to consume.


  1. Stuyvesant Champagne

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn's most infamous district, inspired Marvina Robinson to create Stuyvesant Champagne in 2020 to tribute to her hometown.


  1. Ten To One

Ten To One, a black-owned rum company, is returning rum to the spirits market with an improved flavor and a fresh appearance. Marc-Kwesi Farrell, the company's founder, has teamed up with Ciara, who will serve as an investor and co-owner and help shape the company's future.


  1. Tequila with Friends

The four friends who had become founding partners wanted to create a company that captured their mutual love of tequila, travel, and adventure. Tequila with Friends is, in essence, an experiential spirit brand that, according to its creators, can be summed up in one word: fun. wonderful companions. lifetime-long memories


  1. Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

The finest whiskey maker the world has never heard of, Nathan "Nearest" Green, the first known African-American master distiller, served as the inspiration for Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. Author and entrepreneur Fawn Weaver is ensuring that Uncle Nearest's legacy endures. She developed Green's proprietary formulations to establish the premium whiskey brand Uncle Nearest. She is working on this project with the support and assistance of the Green family.



  1. Jessica Rich

Designer Jessica Rich's footwear brand demonstrates that you don't need to spend a lot of money to look like a movie star by providing red-carpet perfect designs without the high-end price tag. They are worn by even wealthy celebrities like Cardi B and JLo. A collection of similarly inexpensive men's designs was just introduced under the brand.


  1. Goodman brand

In 2016, former footballer Russell Wilson launched Good Man Brand, a label that truly lives up to its name. Not only is the line of elevated basics made from sustainably sourced materials and engineered to fit all body types, three percent of each sale is donated to the Why Not You Foundation, Wilson's organization that provides educational opportunities and health services to children in need.


  1. Aminah Abdul Jillil

For those looking for the perfect party heel, Aminah Jillil's shoe collections will have you falling head over heels. Each pair is outrageous in the best way possible. Maximalists (as well as self-proclaimed drama queens) rejoice.


  1. Shekudo

This handcrafted shoe and accessory brand features designs created by artisans in Lagos, Nigeria, and the majority of raw materials, such as recycled insoles, cotton, and leather, are sourced locally. These patchwork babies are breathtaking.


  1. Kahmune

It is essential to have a staple nude shoe in your collection. What I appreciate about Kahmune is that their mission is to create neutral footwear that complements the skin tones of  all women. All of their styles come in ten different colors to accommodate as many different skin tones as possible.


  1. Zou Xou

Owning a pair of Zou Xou shoes is truly like possessing treasure. Every pair is handcrafted by Argentine artisans using traditional methods and high-quality leather.


  1. Armando Cabral

Portuguese model-turned-designer Armando Cabral creates classic men's shoes for all occasions with an emphasis on simplicity, precise details, and novel structures. Pick from designs including loafers, derby shoes, boots, and sneakers, all created by Italian craftsmen using high-quality leather.


  1. LØCI

LØCI, a brand-new footwear company generating waves, was established in April 2021 by businessmen Emmanuel Eribo and Philippe Homsy of London with the goal of producing only vegan sneakers. The shoes have features like bamboo linings and uppers made of ocean-bound plastic, and every part of them is environmentally and animal-friendly. Each pair of these handcrafted in Portugal shoes, claims the company, diverts 20 plastic bottles from landfills and the ocean.


  1. Barkal

If you're searching for the ideal daily shoe, look no further. The best of the best, Barkal's shoes are crafted from the finest Italian leather and supplies, giving you the impression that your feet were the only ones who could have worn them.


  1. Brother Vellies

Aurora James, a native of Toronto, founded Brother Vellies in 2013, which makes eco-friendly women's footwear and accessories. The one-of-a-kind items, which range from wicker mules to sandals decorated with fur and purses with Kenyan hardwood chain links, are handcrafted by artists all around the world utilizing traditional African design principles and techniques. James just established the 15 Percent Pledge, an effort for inclusion that asks big firms to purchase 15% of their goods from black-owned companies; thus far, Sephora has joined.


  1. Titi Adesa

A brand of new sneakers that is popular, Check out Titi Adesa's collection if you enjoy timeless shoe styles with a touch of edge. Smooth leather shoes with laser-cut accents and exquisite mules with contrasting mesh are just a couple of the standout touches in her modest outfit. You may be sure you're paying for excellent quality because they are hand-crafted in Milan. In addition, you'll be helping a company that supports charitable causes. The Tita Adesa Foundation supports young African women who want to work as designers by providing them with tools like educational sponsorship and mentorship.


  1. ByDose

There's a style here(opens in a new tab) for every type of girl, from minimal strappy styles to heavily embellished pairs. Furthermore, these bad boys are reasonably priced. It's a win-win situation.


  1. Loza Maleombho

Loza Maleombho founded her namesake brand in 2009 in New York City and has since relocated to Côte d'Ivoire. She hopes to blend "Ivorian tribal aesthetics and New York City's urban fashion" by working with artisans who have honed their skills for decades.


  1. Chelsea Paris

Designer Theresa Ebagua founded this sustainable line in 2012, named after her daughters. There's a style for everyone, from mules to booties to flats.


  1. Fear of God

Jerry Larenzo's Fear of God, another celebrity favorite, is known for elevated men's streetwear staples and buzzy sneaker collaborations. Lorenzo was named Designer of the Year at the 2021 Footwear News Achievement Awards, and his first collection as Adidas' creative director of basketball will debut this year.


  1. Ball’n

Ball'n, a Chicago-based brand, offers a variety of stylish, performance-ready basketball shoes, accessories, and apparel. Some of the most well-known athletes have supported the brand since its inception roughly 30 years ago, including Michael Jordan and Los Angeles Laker forward Ron Artest (the latter who wore custom jerseys from the brand during the 1994 Pippen Summer Classic).

  1. Exotics by Cedrick

In 2017, hairstylist and businessman Cedrick McDonald transformed a drawing of a pair of shoes into a collection of exotic skin-accented heels. He even got a patent for his snakeskin soles, in which the animal design is silk printed onto the bottoms and embellished with Swarovski crystals.


  1. DeBosè

DeBosè is an up-and-coming luxury brand that offers Italian-made shoes with MoTown influences. Its first line of footwear includes a gender-neutral sneaker that combines bright hues with flowing shapes that are reminiscent of the period's elaborate jewelry and clothing trends. The brand also intends to work with up-and-coming local artists to support emerging talent in addition to releasing a boot collection.


  1. Kendall Miles

Kendall Miles produces high-end footwear that is designed in Los Angeles and sourced and produced in Florence, Italy. The lavish designs, which debuted in 2015, use materials including soft leather, exotic furs, and striking metallic embellishments.


  1. Lavati

Yossi Shetrit and Davidson Petit-Frere, the company's co-founders, came up with the idea for Lavati, a company that creates stylish sneakers and traditional Chelsea boots for men. The company established a cult following before its launch in 2016 by dressing some of Hollywood's trendiest men, teasing its release on Instagram, and giving fans the opportunity to enter lotteries for a chance to win unique pairs.


  1. Michael Grey Footwear

In 2016, Michael Grey launched his own footwear collection after designing for well-known footwear brands including Roberto Cavalli, Vince Camuto, and Steve Madden. It is known as Michael Gray Footwear and has a collection of handcrafted, minimalist women's sandal models from the designer's factory in New York.


  1. Negash

Negash, whose name is of African Amharic and Tigrinya origin and literally means "heir to the throne," is rife with allusions to old monarchy and is heavily influenced by the founder's Egyptian roots. The company offers a wide range of products, including games, health supplements, and wall art, in addition to clothing and footwear for men, women, and children.


  1. Samantha Shoes

Samanta Shoes is a fantastic brand that provides comfortable and adaptable styles in sizes up to 14. They are perfect for women with wide feet. A few celebrities that have sported them are Tyra Banks, Debra Messing, and Wendy Williams.


  1. Tucci Polo

In a short period of time, Tucci Polo, one of the nation's few black producers of handcrafted luxury Italian leather goods, accessories, and shoes for men and women, has attracted attention on a global scale. Business executives and prominent celebrities have both worn the brand's clothing. Every pair of shoes has distinctive stitching and hand-painting that displays exquisite details, sometimes with recognizable color-blocking and ombré finishes.




  1. Pear Nova

Rachel James developed a line of nail polish that can replicate the intricate details of opulent cloth after taking inspiration from the most avant-garde designers on the catwalk. Pear Nova provides gel and lacquer polishes with a creamy foundation and high-shine finish in a variety of unique neutrals, hard-to-find fashion hues like neon green, and beautiful metallics.


  1. Suite Eleven

Arieal "Ari" Smith-Liburd started making nail lacquers in 2015 after having to throw out almost all of her beauty products due to chemical and food allergies. Suite Eleven lacquers are 10-free, vegan, and PETA-certified, making them appropriate for even the most sensitive skin.


  1. Mented Cosmetics

Mented Cosmetics began as a quest to create the ideal nude lipstick for all skin tones. Their nail polish collection reflects that mission, with colors that are universally flattering and flesh-toned.


  1. Mischo Beauty

When Kitaya Mischo King was pregnant with her first child, she couldn't find a chip-resistant polish with safe ingredients, which led her to spend two years creating her own.


  1. Bernadette Thompson

Bernadette Thompson has its place cemented in history as the first Black-owned nail brand in the United States. The woman behind the eponymous brand has worked with celebrities like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga.


  1. People of Color

Jacqueline Carrington started People of Color to create nude polishes for women of color that were pointedly left out of the market. However, the brand features a range of hues from classic red to daring neons.


  1. Habit Cosmetics

Habit Cosmetics is the perfect example of a clean polish that doesn't compromise quality or sustainability. Each of these 10-free nail polishes are infused with myrrh extract to help strengthen the nails and are sustainably packed with a bamboo cap, glass bottle, recycled plastic parts, and FSC-certified paperboard.


  1. Breukelen Polished

Breukelen Polished combines a love for nails and Brooklyn with 11-free polishes named after aspects of the NYC borough like "Marcus Garvey" (a street in Bed-Stuy named after the Jamaican political and civil rights leader) and "It's Brick" (slang referring to cold weather).


  1. Auda B Beauty

Auba B's vegan, 10-free polish is touted for being long-lasting: it has a gel-like texture that is chip-resistant.


  1. LaPierre Cosmetics

Founder Brandi Blocker created LaPierre Cosmetics so that her mother could safely wear nail polish while undergoing treatment for lung cancer. The brand harnesses its ingredient-conscious philosophy into other products like hand and body butter.


  1. NASH + PINO

This Black-owned nail polish line offers 10-free, vegan formulas in one-of-a-kind colors like all different shades of blue nail polish, but I'm especially fond of this gold lacquer. Check out the shiny and matte top coats, and while you're there, pick up a bottle of the moisturizing cuticle oil.


57.OOO Polish

When you shop at this Black-owned nail polish website, you get exactly what you see. There will be no over-the-top editing or simulated colors, just accurate representations of nail polish shades on underrepresented skin tones to assist you in finding your perfect shade, such as the pearl white nail polish swatch shown here, which is ideal for French manis and more.


  1. 25TH & June Nail Elixir

June Nail Elixir has dominated the nail care industry with it’s 7-free formula and eclectic color range.


  1. Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine Cosmetics offers a funky line of long lasting and 5-free nail lacquer. The vegan nail collection electrifies with neon colors and can also bring out your inner bling with hues.


  1. D.I.D. Nail Paint

Licensed nail technician Adrienne Blanks created D.I.D. Nails as an eco-friendly, cruelty-free polish line. The expanding line has a range of colors like “Clean Slate” ($10), a white polish for when your nails need a blank slate.


  1. KA’OIR

Keshia Ka’oir , promanantly known TV personality (and Gucci Mane's Wife) is also a successful beauty entrprenur starting her brand with KA'OIR cosmetics, she has now expanded to a collection of Nail laqures. The forumula is all natural and free of toxins more commonly used in commercial brands such as toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl, & phthalate. 

  1. Lisa Nail Lacquer

Lisa Nail Lacquer is 5-free for those that prefer their nail polish without all the additives. It still offers a fun, vibrant color like the collection’s midnight blue shade.


  1. Law Beauty Essentials

While the polish's toxin- and vegan-free status is clearly stated on the packaging, Law Beauty Essentials' formula is also 13- and cruelty-free. Tanisha Lawrence founded the business, which focuses on empowering individuals to express themselves.


  1. Adore’her Nails

Its founder, Devorne Wade, specifically wanted Adore'her Nails to be on the more economical end of the nail paint range. The company offers several hues with shimmer, metallic, and glossy finishes for $8 each bottle.


  1. Polish & Co

Since its launch in 2011, Polish & Co. has grown to include over 40 hues. Theresa Williamson, the inventor, believes that having a variety of colours is about having a collection of polishes that can be worn as an accent in every situation.


  1. Peace & Riot

Interior designer Achuziam Maha-Sanchez and her husband, Lionel Sanchez, founded the Bed-Stuy boutique, which offers gifts, home décor, and design consultation, combining their global sensibilities and style.


  1. Pottery by Osa

After attending community pottery lessons in 2013, Osa Atoe started her own Ceramic by Osa with a pottery wheel in her kitchen in Ireland. Her one-woman business is currently headquartered at the Baton Rouge studio, where she sells her earth-tone bowls, mugs, pitchers, and vases.


  1. Robin Wilson Home

Robin Wilson, an experienced project manager, real-estate developer, and business owner, launched her textile brand, which includes sheets, comforters, and towels, in 2009. It is now available nationwide in Bed Bath & Beyond.


  1. Honor The Gift

Russell Westbrook's Honor the Gift business debuted its first women's line earlier this year, with basic shapes that allow your figure to speak for itself. While the women's line includes biker shorts and sports bras, they're also basic enough to layer with the men's choices.


  1. Rouhi

Consider having a different attire for each mood swing. Do you want to wear a flashy shirt and pants set? Or would you like a deconstructed blazer? Consider each Rouhi item an extension of your personal "experiences, moods, colors, and creativity."


  1. ThirtyNine Seven

Thirty-nine Seven teaches women that their bodies are works of art and that they are attractive. There's no need to wear boring clothes when Thirtynine-Seven makes garments that highlight your beauty (and booty).


  1. Goodee

Seasoned fashion veterans Byron and Dexter Peart's latest endeavor is a marketplace that supports purposeful, high-minded designers by stocking the purposeful, high-minded goods they make.





  1. Frederick Edwin Poe

Allow Frederick Edwin Poe a comfortable way to travel based on the premise that the world is your runway. Its high-quality unisex tracksuits and sweatsuits are far too adaptable to be confined to indoor loungewear. When it comes to adaptability, choose shorts that serve as swim trunks.


  1. Clue Clothing

Summer in Brooklyn is unlike any other. With the city's numerous options for fun, from day drinking in parks to discovering new restaurants. Clue Attire's selection of no-fuss, cool-weather clothing keeps you ready for any adventure. Since its inception in 2013, the Brooklyn-based business, which stands for Creative Lives Under Excellence, has amassed a following with the production of collegiate-inspired sweatsuits and continues to travel wherever creativity leads them.


  1. The Aware Brand

Aware is run by two childhood friends who are united by their desire to spread positivity through the clothing they create.


  1. Culturefit

Activewear for the culturally conscious woman, says Culture Fit Clothing's tagline. Culture Fit Clothing, founded in 2018 by a group of women of West African descent, offers flattering, high-waisted, African-inspired designs in moisture-wicking material. These threads are the epitome of both stylish and functional.


  1. Lukafit

This Black-owned fitness clothing brand was founded by Mbali Z. Ndlovu, a South African fitness enthusiast who wanted to create an empowering brand for women. The name Lukafit is partially derived from the Zulu word "Juluka," which means to sweat.



PRU stands for "Power + Representation + Unity." PRU APPAREL was founded in 2014 after Ebonique Hewing "felt a desperate need for safety, freedom, and peace." Hewing created PRU as a vessel for sisterhood and community, featuring vibrant and culturally inspired prints on all PRU designs.


  1. Kemetic Knowledge

Kemetic Knowledge is a high-performance athletic wear and swimsuit brand that makes functional, flattering apparel honoring African culture and ancestry. The brand aims "to draw attention to Africans' significant role by honoring them through our clothing line."


  1. Lydia Endora

If you want bold, beautiful, and comfortable, you want Lydia Endora. This clothing brand was founded by Chicago-based designer Lydia Endora Thompson, who saw a need for high-quality, fashion-forward clothing at affordable prices.


  1. VizFit Apparel

MIRROR founding trainer and Equinox personal trainer Gerren Liles founded VizFit Apparel. VizFit is short for Vision Fitness. VizFit Apparel offers graphic tanks, tees, leggings, and hats.


  1. Just Lift

Just Lift brings you a variety of joggers, leggings, tanks, T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. Just Lift also offers a selection of fitness gear and equipment, including weightlifting belts, wrist wraps, elbow and knee wraps, shaker bottles, and gym bags.


  1. Pyer Moss

founded in 2013 by Kerby Jean-Raymond, is committed to making fashion more inclusive and diverse. According to its website, the label produces collections that combine storytelling, activism, debate, theater, and social commentary to challenge existing social narratives. In 2018, Pyer Moss was named the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner.


  1. Victor Glemaud

Since launching his label, He has infused his collections with an inclusive, cross-generational spirit that can be seen in the inspiration for his designs (from Grace Jones and Diana Ross to Stephen Burrows), in the diversity of the models he casts and in the styling and art direction of his clothes.


  1. Golf Wang

Golf Wang allows Tyler, the Creator, to channel his signature good taste through the medium of bright, prep-inspired clothing collections.


  1. Tier NYC

Tier NYC is an art-first creative label based in Brooklyn. The brand was founded by Nigeria Ealey, Esaïe Jean-Simon, and Victor James—none of whom were technically trained in fashion but came from art and graphic design. The result? Streetwear-inspired clothes that tell stories about the Black community and its power on culture.


  1. The Gym Wrap

Being a celebrity does not imply that you can afford to ruin a blowout in the gym, especially given the damage that repeated styling causes. Nicole Ari Parker, an actress, attempted to resolve the hair dilemma, which many women regard as a barrier to working out. Parker says she had the idea in 2011.


  1. Swim Caps by Swimma

Nomvuyo Treffers founded her swim cap line in 2016 to fill a void in activewear for the Black community. "I'm a mother who was frustrated by not finding a cap that could fit over my long locs and my daughter's afro hair," she says on her website. Her South African line includes swim caps in various sizes as well as swim goggles designed to fit over braids and afros.


  1. Powerhandz

Powerhandz weighted gloves are intended to improve strength and performance while also assisting in rehabilitation for a variety of physical activities. For sports such as golf, MMA, and baseball, the gloves are designed to make dribbling more difficult and to raise awareness of hand positioning. Target sells gloves, as well as dribble sleeves and resistance suits.


  1. Actively Black

Premium training gear is the focus of Actively Black, and the preference for high quality applies to their accessories as well as their apparel. Their gym bags will keep you looking beautiful when entering and exiting the gym. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to fit men and women.


  1. Toned by BaggedEm

Toned by BaggedEM offers some of the most gorgeous yoga mats with lovely illustrations we have ever seen. The mats include pictures of black women exercising, are intended to boost your self-confidence and serve as a subliminal reminder that you are capable of some pretty fantastic things.


  1. Soulcap

Soulcap makes caps to protect people with longer, thicker hair (whether it's an extension or your own), dreadlocks, braids, which come in a variety of styles. Additionally, they provide towels with particular formulations to lessen friction on your hair.




  1. UOMA

With its wide selection of foundation, eye shadow, and other hue options, this cosmetics line promotes inclusivity. To choose the shade that will look the best on you, they even feature a "shade finder" option on their website.


  1. Hue Noir

Paula Hayes is a product chemist inspired by the challenge of finding quality cosmetics that complement her tone. With her brand Hue Noir, she uses science to ensure that all women of color have We design textures and colors that work.


  1. A.J. Crimson Beauty

Even if you don't know AJ Crimmon's face, you probably know the faces he touched: Brandy, Christina Milian, Keishia Cole, Lauren London. As a makeup artist, he recognized the need for superior products for black women, and his eponymous line was created. "I felt there was an absolute need to provide women with color products that actually worked and didn't oxidize or change," he explains.


  1. The Lip Bar

The brand founder Melissa Butler started the company in 2012 in order to address the lack of diversity and chemical usage in the cosmetics business. Bold lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, and other cosmetics in vegan and cruelty-free formulas are available at Lip Bar.


  1. Beauty Bakerie

Cashmere Nicole, the Creator of Beauty Bakerie, offers a range of whimsical beauty items that are all inspired by desserts. Her playful, vibrant cosmetics include cake pop lippies, lollipop liner, and a flour-setting powder that lets you "bake" your face.


  1. Black Opal

Black Opal has been a leading cosmetic brand for 25 years. The company was among the pioneers on the mission to broaden the definition of beauty and cosmetics. Black Opal has expanded their product line over the years to include more hues and items that address different skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation.


  1. Sacha cosmetics

The Black-owned business Sacha cosmetics went viral when they unveiled their renowned setting powder. Due to its capacity to avoid ashy tones and flashbacks, it soon rose to the top of the translucent powder rankings for women of color.


  1. Fashion Fair

Fashion Fair was the first worldwide prestige cosmetics brand for darker skin tones to be marketed in shops. It was established in 1973 by the beauty and fashion entrepreneur Eunice Johnson.


  1. LAMIK Beauty

LAMIK Beauty is a vegan cosmetic brand created by Kim Roxie for women with various skin tones. It uses safe, non-toxic chemicals. Its catchphrase is "Beauty is revealed, not applied".


  1. Iman Cosmetics

Legendary model Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid established Iman Cosmetics in 1994. The company is commended for offering various reasonably priced solutions that accommodate different skin tones.


  1. Juvia's Place

The black-owned business was created by Chichi Eburu. She prioritised providing highly pigmented eye shadow for darker skin tones to honor the different tribes and cultures in Africa since she was so tired of not being able to find them.


  1. Gold Label Cosmetics

Gold Label Cosmetics is a company you need to be familiar with because of their intensely pigmented and hydrating lipsticks. According to the brand, the items are all greatly influenced by the arts, fashion, travel, affirmations, and love for your skin.


  1. Range Beauty

In the course of her work as a fashion designer, CEO and creator Alicia Scott became aware of the paucity of shades that were accessible for photo sessions and runway displays and made the decision to provide a solution. She created skincare-friendly formulae in addition to cosmetics with a wider spectrum of shades. The moisturizing foundation from the company is the first of its type to be effective for those with skin issues including eczema and acne.


  1. OpulenceMD Beauty

OpulenceMD Beauty was established by Anika Goodwin, M.D., with the goal of revolutionizing the lash industry. Goodwin literally cringed when he saw women abuse their lashes by using harsh glues and skipping cleaning them. Magnetic lashes made of mink and free of animal testing are part of the line of eye beauty products offered by the Goodwin's brand.


  1. Ka’oir Cosmetics

Keyshia Ka'oir, a model, actress, and businesswoman, established Ka'oir Cosmetics. To produce eye-catching appearances, the company sells colorful eyeshadows, very sparkly lipsticks, and lashes. Additionally, all of her items are reasonably priced.





  1. Beauty Stat

Ron Robinson, a recognized source for beauty and skincare advice in New York, has turned his love for breakthrough skincare products and technology into his own boutique skincare company. His serums and moisturizers piqued the interest of the scientists in G.H.'s Beauty Lab by encapsulating vitamin C to make it shelf-stable and prevent degradation from light and air.


  1. Alaffia

Alaffia sells sustainable, fair-trade skin and hair care products for the entire family, ranging from shampoos to face and body washes, in huge quantities at reasonable prices. The company's products are made with high-quality ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil. Its Authentic African Black Soap received a Good Housekeeping Sustainable Packaging Award in 2019. Product sales also go to the brand's foundation, which helps African villages collect their ingredients.


  1. Ami Colé

Ami Colé offers a team of experts that can help you enhance your natural beauty. All products are intended to enhance rather than conceal. The skin tint is a thin liquid cream in six melanin-rich colors, and the lip treatment oil looks great on all skin tones.


  1. Bee Love

Bee Love hires formerly jailed people to give them a second opportunity to start a new life. The firm makes everything from honey to honey-infused skincare items like luxurious body balms and sugar scrubs.


  1. Adwoa Beauty

In 2017, Julian Addo created Adwoa Beauty after more than three decades in the hairstyling industry, in part to highlight her West African ancestry and passion for hair. The Blue Tansy Clarifying Gel Shampoo is Adwoa Beauty's most recent award winner, which has a conditioning combination of glycerin, jojoba, and blue tansy oils. This fantastic shampoo captured people's hearts for its capacity to wash while leaving hair smooth and moisturized.


  1. Gilded

Blair Armstrong is the Dermatologist behind Gilded. She makes note of how many people spend time and attention on their faces, frequently to the detriment of their bodies. She assembled a group of clinicians to develop a stunning, potent, yet understated, luxurious skincare line that is focused on enhancing skin texture and appearance.


  1. AbsoluteJoi

Clean, effective and simple is Dr. Absolute Joi, the brand's Anne and her team. Originally inspired to create products to better care for the skin of her teenage daughters, she sat down for a melanin girl's dream cure. Now their carefully crafted concoctions are available to all of us.


  1. GlowRx Skincare

Dr. GlowRx Skincare and Pediatrician Lorraine created the first GlowRx skincare line specifically for teens and millennials. Target:

Less product, more impact. "We believe that daily use of leading products with high-quality ingredients will help you achieve glowing skin all year long," says the good doctor.


  1. Glam Body

Danika Berry is a media professional known for helping celebrities and businesses make a name for themselves in various industries. Berry founded Glam Body in 2017 after learning about coffee's ability to clear acne, smooth skin, eliminate dark spots, heal hyperpigmentation, treat cellulite, and relieve eczema.


  1. Kadalys

With a diverse background and Knowledge of Franco-Caribbean culture, Kadalys founder Shirley Bilott has carefully considered the development of Kadalys products to ensure efficacy for diverse consumers around the world. I was. With Kadalys, Shirley wanted to create inclusive and ethical skin care products without compromising on high performance, naturalness and civic engagement.


  1. Rose MD Skincare

For Jacq co-founder and CEO Barbara Jacques, it's all about self-care and self-love. No wonder this brand was born out of love and an urgent need for non-toxic products. "Your skin says who you are," she says on the brand's website. We are beautiful without compromise.


  1. Unsun

Katonya advocates and protects women of color. Katonya Breaux founded her Unsun to address the lack of clean sunscreen options. Your products protect consumers and the environment.


  1. Frederick Benjamin

Frederic Benjamin is here to break the skincare industry standards for men of color, and founder Michael James is spearheading it. The black-owned brands create effective skin care regimens to achieve long-lasting results.


  1. Kayaire

After dealing with her own skin issues and stress-related flare-ups, Ebony Clay was looking for an effective solution. She launched Kayaire, a skincare line that harnesses the benefits of CBD. This has helped her and many others to achieve flawless skin.


  1. Epi.logic

Dr. epi. logic's Chaneve Jeannition believes beauty is not just about looking good, it's about feeling good. She is an expert in orthopedic eye and facial surgery and is trained in reconstructive surgery. She said of her brand, "My goal is to bring the logic of skin to everyone by simplifying ingredients and taking a benefit-based approach.


  1. Elle Johnson Co

Lavondra "Elle" Johnson became a skincare creator after battling extremely oily skin and exploring viable skincare options. No chemical-based product could cut it. With her formal background in branding, she decided to use her skills to launch her own natural brand. This is how Elle Johnson Co. succeeded.


  1. Happy Girl Product

Joelle Lynn strives to make your "girl" happy. Her Feminine Care brand has everything from gentle cleansers to serums and her masks which all started from her kitchen.


  1. Rosen Skincare

Jamika Martin developed Rosen Skincare after suffering from acne her whole life and finding no cures. Since then, she has never looked back. For the 85% of us who struggle with acne, she explains, "we design enjoyable stuff for your face to help you see changes, organically."


  1. Brown Butter Beauty

With her brand Butter by Keba, Keba Guilan is not only a skin and fragrance saver, but in a word, herself. "Our goal and mission is to bring people together through scent," she says.The Harlem-based innovator does just that with her unique and creative blends.


  1. GloGirl Cosmetics

Tosca Hillman of GloGirl Cosmetics is hard to find on social media. That's because she's busy empowering women through diverse and inclusive beauty on a global scale.


  1. Chloe and Chad

Chloe and Chad began as an experiment to supply Aisha Besson's family with natural skin care products, but it eventually turned into a full-fledged company. To preserve the consistency of the formulations, her range of organic and natural soaps, balms, lotions, and body butters is created to order in small amounts.




  1. Partakes

You've probably seen Partake's delicious cookies on store shelves, but the company also sells brownies, baking mixes, and its most recent product, pancake and waffle mix. Denise Woodward founded Partake in 2016 after her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, according to the brand's website. As a result, all of its products are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and free of the top nine allergens (wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, sesame and shellfish). Everything, however, has a lot of flavor! Its crunchy chocolate chip cookies and confetti pancake and waffle mix are both delicious.


  1. Pipsnacks

Pipsnacks makes the best mini popcorn (aka Pipcorn), hands down. It uses heirloom corn kernels, which are a little bit smaller than your standard popcorn. "We found the most amazing heirloom popcorn kernels around," the founders, Jeff and Theresa Martin, wrote on their website. "They tasted better than any popcorn we'd ever had: They were crunchy, light and tasted like real corn!"


  1. Mumgry

Mumgry makes natural nut butter using only real, whole ingredients. In addition to smooth peanut butter, it sells pistachio chocolate almond butter (yum) and chocolate peanut butter (yum!). According to the brand's website, MUMGRY was founded by Lilian Umurungi-Jung when she realized that there is a lack of snacks that consider the dietary restrictions and needs of women pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post-partum. She was looking for a delicious snack to support her and her baby's health.


  1. Gwell

These aren't your ordinary cookies! Gwell's tea cookies (as well as its granola clusters and fruit and nut bites) are made with only natural, organic ingredients designed to make you feel good. All of its snacks are also gluten-, soy- and dairy-free. "We thoughtfully select our ingredients to optimize wellness benefits in under three bites," its website says.


  1. The Cracker King

Jovani Prince is The Cracker King. The father of three set out to make the tastiest gluten-free snack food, and with the support of his family, he now has three different flavors of tasty crackers. There's Sea Salt, Rosemary and Sea Salt and Cheddar' N Pepper. You can try one or try them all with a variety pack (the latter is definitely recommended). Get them on The Cracker King's website the next time you're building out a cheese board or just want a simple, tasty snack.


  1. Egunsifoods

Egunsifoods in an attempt to bring flavors from her Nigerian childhood to her new home in New York City. Knowing that many of the most nostalgic dishes from her childhood were a labor of love, her goal was to create delicious, flavorful foods that make recreating them fast and fulfilling—and just like that, Egunsifoods' sauces and soups were born. Sold in a handful of flavors, these ingredients can be thrown in a pan to whip up a dish that tastes out of this world. (And if you're not quite sure what to mix them with, know that there's a handy tab of recipes on the brand's site, too.)


  1. AppéSweet

This is a healthy chocolate brand loved by kids and health nuts alike. The brand was created by Thereasa Black in an effort to cater to her young daughter's love of dessert while ensuring that it was a healthier option. Eventually her dairy-free, date-sweetened chocolate bars came to life. Of course, shoppers won't only find candy on her website—they'll find resources and petitions to help make real change in their community, too.


  1. Callaloo Box

Founded by two sisters from the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Callaloo Box is an online Caribbean grocery store and subscription service that ensures people all over the world can enjoy the culture and flavors of the region. Whether you're hoping to bake a dessert, make bread, or whip up an entire Caribbean meal, Callaloo Box has you covered.


  1. Me & The Bees Lemonade

Who doesn't love an ice-cold lemonade? Mikaila, the now 14-year-old founder of Me & The Bees created the delicious citrus drink in an effort to overcome her fear of bees after being stung twice, while also working to create a product to enter the Acton Children's Business Fair and Austin Lemonade Day. The lemonade is inspired by her great grandma's flaxseed blend, infused with honey as a way to honor the bees and sold in a variety of flavors at Whole Foods, World Market, The Fresh Market stores and more.


  1. Pipcorn

Pipcorn might be best known for its healthy popcorn offering, but the brand also sells cheeseballs, crunchies, corn dippers and snack crackers—all in a variety of flavors. Each product can be bought individually, in a bundle or as part of a subscription. As for the story behind the brand, it was founded in 2012 when founder Jeff Martin was helping his sister move. During the chaos of transitioning between cities, the siblings relied on health food store heirloom popcorn and fell so in love with the concept that they launched a brand of their own.


  1. Carlisle Popcorn

Carlisle is a family-run company that started as a "kitchen experiment" and has now developed into a popcorn factory that produces the best-tasting popcorn using only the finest natural ingredients. It's the flavors for me. Carlisle really has a great flavor combination.


  1. Jay the Peanut Man

Growing up in New York there were no Boiled Peanuts. However, in the south they are very popular. When Jay resides in Texas, and even though people have heard of them, they're still not as popular as they are in the Southeastern states. So, he decided to start selling them.


  1. Moonshot

Julia Collins, founder of Moonshot made a promise to improve the world for her kid after finding out she was going to become a mother. That inspired her in making snacks. With the thoughts of making children happy, she made the decision to utilize food to combat climate change because our eating habits have such a significant influence on the environment. Her unique line of three-flavored, environmentally friendly crackers are non-GMO, organically grown, and extremely tasty.


  1. Cocoa Asante

Ella Livingston founded this Chattanooga-based firm that provides a selection of delectable bars and bonbons in 2018, after her study abroad experience in Japan. The aim behind this incredible company is to offer Ghanaian chocolate that is of the highest caliber and was acquired responsibly. The flavors range from Cookies' n Cream to Bourbon Pecan and Cinnamon S'mores.


  1. Tonya's Cookies

Tonya Council founded Tonya's Cookie. Council experimented with cookie recipes that were influenced by her grandmother's well-known pecan pie while working as a server at her family's restaurant. In 2009, after developing her delectable "Pecan Crisp" cookies, she started her company. Oatmeal Raisin, Cranberry White Chocolate Chip, and Peppermint White Chocolate Pecan are just a few of the varieties that the business is presently selling.


  1. It's Nola

Consider purchasing these healthier choices from It's NOLA before purchasing another package of sugary granola bars from your neighborhood supermarket. Margaret Barrow, the founder made the decision to encourage healthier eating and lifestyle choices with her tasty plant-based granola balls after finding that the majority of granola bars aren't as healthy as they seem. Cranberry Coconut, Mango Masala, and Decadent Chewy Chocolate are among the flavors.


  1. Vicky Cakes

In 2019, Christian Sargent officially launched Vicky Cakes; the company was named after her mother, who developed the original recipe. Delicacies such as syrups and ingredients for pancakes and waffles are now offered by the business.


  1. Oh-Mazing

It might be difficult to find a delightful snack that is also healthful, but Oh-Mazing is here to assist. This company provides a delectable assortment of nourishing granola packets, whether you need a fast energy boost after a hard workday or a snack to keep you fueled throughout your next walk. The flavors range from Lemon Bar to Cranberry Orange.


  1. Marjorie's Beef Jerky

Marjorie's Beef Jerky, which was established in 1991, is still recognized as the country's first (and only) Black woman-owned jerky business. But don't anticipate the usual, everyday jerky that you would buy at the supermarket. Timberlake elevates these appetizers by combining premium beef with flavorful sauces like Orange Teriyaki and Cracked Pepper.




  1. Statement Goods

Co-owners Toni and Alysia are designers and illustrators that came together to create Statement Goods, an online shop that celebrates their love of illustrations. You can find their original prints and a wide variety of greeting cards as well as pins and jewelry made by the artists.


  1. Effie's Paper

Kalyn Johnson Chandler is the founder and creative director of Effie's Paper, which is named after her maternal grandmother. Effie's Paper lives up to its inspiration in its celebration of beautiful stationery and even goes past that to offer up pens, pencil cases, notebooks, and a host of other fun accessories!


  1. Blount Objects

Owner and designer, Ben Blount runs this online shop from his storefront studio in Evanston, Illinois. His shop features his fantastic prints and posters which focus on conversations about race and identity.


  1. Addie Rawr

Addie Rawr is an artist and designer whose focus is on uplifting other women of color through her art. In her online shop, you can find her beautifully designed greeting cards, prints, and journals. You can also book one-on-one time with her as a creative consultant for advice on how to build your own art business.


  1. Josephine Destiny Art

Josephine Destiny is a self-taught illustrator and crafter. Her Etsy shop features her artwork in a variety of formats: bookmarks, postcards, stickers, journals and even a fun mystery grab bag. She updates with new items every month, so you can keep going back to find something new!


  1. Patrina's Paperie

When she couldn't find a unique personalized stationery set that reflected her style, Patrina Harris opted to design some for herself. "I remember the feeling I had when I created the first foiled stationery set for myself," she says.


  1. Copper & Brass

Copper & Brass was created by Ariel Young to combine her love of paper and gift giving with her purpose of creating a space that helped increase representation for Black people. Now Copper & Brass sells more than just wrapping paper and gift bags. In their online shop, you can find cards, notebooks, pens and other cute accessories!


  1. Brown Aspiration
  2. Marie founded Brown Aspiration to help address the lack of representation for Black people in stationery lines. For that reason, her online stationery store features "positive images of everyday African Americans." The store offers notebooks, planners, writing utensils, and other office supplies with an incredible variety of designs for all tastes.


  1. Entrepreneurs Color Too

Author Latoya Nicole creates and sells coloring books featuring themes of empowerment and diversity. Her self-published coloring books are created with the aim of helping women relieve stress while also being lifted up and celebrated. You can check out her work on her website and buy her books through Amazon!


  1. Scrapcraftastic

Online stationery that focuses on planners and paper crafting. Owner Rachelle runs a blog and youtube channel as well to showcase her crafting skills and teach people the craft. The shop also has digital paper designs so you can have her beautiful paper designs come right out of your own printer!


  1. Page Eleven Paper Goods

Page Eleven was founded by Elisha McGhee with the goal to help people in achieving their goals. With that in mind, her shop focuses on selling planners and journals, and Elisha also offers consultations sessions to help you build a more organized lifestyle.


  1. Blú Rose Designs

Blu Rose Designs owner and designer, Amber, creates beautiful & elegant stationery and cards for a variety of events. Her designs can be customized with your own text and color choices and have the option to be bought as digital downloads or printed in bulk. You can easily find card designs in her shop for any occasion you might need!


  1. Q.T. Planner Co

QT Planner features the designs of shop owner Sophia in the form of planner stickers. She has an extensive collection that covers a variety of needs and themes, sure to keep your planner organized and beautiful!


  1. The Dyna Smiles

Owner & illustrator Daveia Odoi is here to bring a smile to your face. Her notebooks, cards, phone cases, totes, mugs and shirts feature bright colors and smiling faces in her collection of character illustrations. She also creates and sells digital dolls and teaches art classes for Adobe Illustrator and art businesses.


  1. Yayday Paper Co

Yayday Paper Co. was founded by celebrity crafter Amber Kemp-Gerstel. It's an all-digital store which sells print-at-home stationery designs that don't require running to the store or waiting for the mail to come. All you have to do is buy your favorite adorable design (or a whole bundle!) and print to have super cute stationery in your own home!


  1. Naomi Love Designs

Naomi Love Designs is an Etsy shop featuring planner accessories, stickers & lettering art. Shop owner Wemi has designed stickers and planner accessories in tons of styles for an almost unlimited number of occasions. She also designs gorgeous lettering prints and even offers custom name and quote wall art in her beautiful lettering style!


  1. Nyha Graphics

Artist Naomi C Robinson designs and creates greeting cards and prints featuring Black culture and faces. Her cards are super colorful and fun and perfect to celebrate any occasion in your life!


  1. Culture Greetings

African American Greeting Card Company that designs and prints cards featuring Black people and Black culture. Culture Greetings lets you write a quick note, then it prints and mails your card for you!


  1. Infectious Greetings

Created by Aarica J. Smith, Infectious Greetings is a creative greeting card company with cards designed to bring a smile to a loved one. All greeting cards are blank inside to provide space to include your personal sentiments. Cards are packaged as 10 card sets and offer free shipping within the U.S. Personalized stationery and custom designed cards are available as well.


  1. Ebonii's Moon

Based in Orlando, Florida, Cardoza launched Ebonii's Moon in September 2020 after years of designing custom print pieces for clients. "As a graphic designer who loves stationery, it was a natural transition for me as I contemplated the next chapter in my career," she explains. "I wanted to create stationery art to convey love, joy, pain—the graces of life—in an accessible way." Offering everything from hand-designed postcards and bookmarks to monthly planner stickers,


  1. Effie's Paper

Growing up with a grandmother who worked at a greeting card company, Kalyn Johnson Chandler fell in love with stationery as a young child. It came as no surprise when, after years of working as a lawyer, Chandler decided to launch an online paper goods shop named after her grandmother, Effie, and focus on stationery, instead.


  1. Paper Goods on Page Eleven

Page Eleven Paper Goods' mission is to help people achieve their goals. Their online store sells planners and journals, and their founder, Elisha, provides consultations to help others live more organized lives. Page Eleven represents the full range of options.


  1. PleaseTakeNote Goods

PleaseNotes was created to assist you in becoming your favorite version of yourself. Affirmations, positive messaging, inspirational quotes, and activities are integrated into their journals, making it simple to begin your personal growth journey. Along with their stationery, they also offer inspirational gifts and journaling workshops.



  1. Ahluwalia sahluwalia

Priya Ahluwalia's namesake label draws inspiration from the designer's dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and her upbringing in London, all while incorporating vintage and deadstock fabrics and emphasizing sustainable design.


  1. Octave Jewelry

Wearable artwork is produced by founder Ope Omojola. Her jewelry accentuates the materials from which it is made and, consequently, your entire appearance because each stone is manually cut.


  1. Harwell Godfrey

High-end jewelry designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey, who is based in the Bay Area of California, creates pieces that speak to the spirit. She creates healing jewelry utilizing 18k gold, exquisitely crafted inlay enamel, and a unique use of color to shield users.


  1. L'Enchanteur

Identical twins Dynasty and Soul Ogun are the founders of L'enchanteur, who drew inspiration from science, mythology, magic and fairy tales.


  1. Bernard James

Bernard James, a Brooklyn-based designer, specializes in making modern heirlooms for the following generation. Every item is locally created in New York City. It exudes a sense of elegance, making it a perfect accessory for everyday use as well as a piece of art for your own collection.


  1. Mateo

The designer's exquisite jewelry is inspired by modern art and crisp and clear lines; he is a Jamaican native and the son of a seamstress. The collections, which make use of precious metals, diamonds, and other jewels, are intended to be both approachable and elegant.


  1. Talley and Twine

Talley & Twine, a watch company, deviates from industry conventions. The label focuses on inspiring the community and paying honor to its origins by producing wearable, affordable, yet competitive designs.


  1. Yema

Yema Khalif, who grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, founded the Yema apparel line after coming to the U.S. to study communications through the Road to Freedom scholarships program. Co-founder Hawi Awash was born in Ethiopia and a refugee in Kenya before moving to Minnesota at age eight. The duo now creates bold and culturally inspired activewear through Yema, which donates 20% of all purchases to orphaned children in Kenya and Ethiopia.


  1. Goodman brand

In 2016, former footballer Russell Wilson launched Good Man Brand, a label that truly lives up to its name. Not only is the line of elevated basics made from sustainably sourced materials and engineered to fit all body types, three percent of each sale is donated to the Why Not You Foundation, Wilson's organization that provides educational opportunities and health services to children in need.


  1. Rendoll Lagos

Rendoll's Instagram feed is a visual feast. Every piece is designed in vibrant designs that are as lovely and global as the Nigerian metropolis in which it is based. Like the models on its website, Rendoll was intended to highlight the beauty and curves of women of all shapes and sizes.


  1. Heron Preston

In a short span of time, Preston has evolved his eponymous label into a force to be reckoned with in the ever-expanding world of thoughtfully designed luxury streetwear.


  1. Hood By Air

Before high-concept luxury streetwear became a real thing, Shayne Oliver's revolutionary brand was high-concept streetwear. After HBA took a vacation in 2017, this brand paved the way for a swarm of knockoffs.


  1. 183. Diarrablu

Diarra Bousso founded Diarrablu, a modern lifestyle brand that combines sustainable Western designs with colors, cuts, and prints inspired by Africa, by fusing her Senegalese heritage with her passion of math and algorithms.


  1. Auvere

Auvere was established in 2016 by Steven Feldman and Gina Love, a former real estate attorney, with the idea that all of their jewelry should only be crafted of 22 or 24-carat gold in order to allow the metal truly shine. At Auvere, pure unadulterated gold serves as the gold standard




  1. Trecy Bleich Jewelry

Trecy Bleich Jewelry is distinguished from her competitors by her unconventional material choices and nearly Tetris-like designs. The fun pieces are colorful yet understated, making them ideal for individuals who prefer a more straightforward style.


  1. Lauren Newton

Lauren Newton incorporates natural shapes into her creations, such as a set of earrings shaped like tusks or textures modeled after stingray skin, according to her experience as a former zoologist.


  1. Mahnal

The lyrical brass jewelry by Shayba Muhammad combines sensuality and meditation. Her designs inspire you to be deliberate in your jewelry selections, whether it's a beautiful choker or a set of twisted hoop earrings.


  1. Ubuntu Life

Ubuntu Life was established in 2011 by pastors Jeremiah Kuria and Zane Wilemon. Initially, it collaborated with nine Kenyan mothers to make home items that would provide them with financial assistance. The following year, the brand grew and began collaborating with Maasai artisans in the Ngong Hills, who used their expertise in traditional beading to make lovely bracelets.


  1. Lingua Nigra

Lingua Nigra, created by Alicia Goodwin, is "nature-inspired with a concentration on ancient talismans, Victorian-era craftsmanship, and grieving emotive jewelry." The artwork is self-explanatory.


  1. We Dream in Color

The artist behind We Dream in Color is Jade Gedeon. Although her collection is not for the faint of heart, her technicolor earrings, enormous necklaces, and designs intended to make you grin will quickly win you over.


  1. Oma the Label

Look to Oma the Label if you're a gold-only sort of person. The black-owned business is excellent at updating vintage necklaces, rings, and even body jewelry in your preferred metal.


  1. Valerie Madison

Consider Valerie Madison jewelry if you want romantic jewelry that combines traditional cuts with a contemporary flair.


  1. Third Crown

The black-owned brand founders and co-designers Kristin and Kofi Essel put their passion and professional Knowledge into their exquisite products, which include bold, gender-neutral statement pieces and strong geometric designs.


  1. MadeByKwest

Brooklyn-born content producer and community builder Kira West embarked on her journeys to find inspiration and effect change. MadeByKwest sells items with a global flair and donates 10% of profits to Girls Going Global. This nonprofit organization works to "address the imbalance of girls of color in international education and today's field of travel and international affairs."


  1. Simone the Label

At the beginning of the epidemic, founder Sydney Simone started this jewelry company with a reason, and it is still going strong today! The STL is committed to highlighting "creative material by minority/BIPOC producers in fashion."


  1. EDAS

The EDAS brand, run by designer Sade Mims, provides everything your artistic mind could desire, including eco-friendly home items, opulent purses, and particularly unique handcrafted jewelry.


  1. White Space

Khadijah Fulton, a graduate of Parsons, established White Space as a method to provide simple yet distinctive designs that were meant to be enjoyed for years. The Los Angeles-based company updates timeless designs so they last in your collection of fine jewelry.


  1. Fanm Djanm

If you have yet to hear of Fanm Djanm, it's about time! The brand's name means "strong woman" in Haitian Creole, and while it's primarily known for its stunning head wraps, there are also gorge bangles, unique earrings, and hats on offer. The founder, Paola Mathé, is as vibrant as her creations.


  1. Yam NYC

 designer and CEO Morgan Thomas first became interested in making jewelry as a young kid, when her mom brought home a book on the subject. So obvi, Yam was made for this...and you. You'll find charming made-to-order, handmade jewelry that's crafted from upcycled materials.


  1. Lelia Mae

Asides from the fact that the Lelia Mae website is v aesthetically pleasing for the minimalist at heart, the beautiful pieces that this NY-based biz curates are equally elevated. Their motto: why pay for green skin? The brand is very transparent about the metals they use! Pure 18k gold, anyone?


Is there a Black Owned Business missing from this list? Let us know in the comments.

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