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Goombay Adventurers

James Butch founded Goombbay Adventurers in the year 1988. The camping group offers an instructional course emphasizing the fundamentals of safety and technique. The minority is their main focus as they provide recreational and outdoor events. They don't have a special payment.

Outdoorsy Black Women

Toyin Ajayi founded the brand in 2019. The Outdoorsy Black Women allows black women to connect and celebrate the outdoor lifestyle. Different black women from all over the world come together to connect and have fun. Their services are mainly for black women. Your pay depends on which outdoor lifestyle you want to go to.

Black girl Camping

Tianna Johnson founded black girl camping  in 2017, encouraging girls of color to be vulnerable to themselves and accept themselves. They provide a safe space for black and brown girls. In addition, they offer services to young girls who are looking for a family. There is no specific amount to pay.

Urban Camp Weekend

Kevin Knight founded it in 2012. The Urban Camp Weekend allows mature adults to relax, connect, network and have fun. They provide the right networks and connections for black adults worldwide. As a mature black adult, you can expect to have your needs attended to here.

Camping to Connect

Rodri John founded Camping to Connect in 2011. They allow young men to build a deep connection to the outdoors and form a brotherhood with each other. They provide mentorship for every young man that goes to the camp. Young black men is the focus.

Black Folks Camp Too!

Black Folks Camp Too! Mr Hunter founded this wonderful camp in 2019. It is an Avenue for black men, women, young adults and children to connect, network and be a family. They provide the proper safe space for people of color to be Vulnerable. Their services are for all black people.

Outdoor Afro

Rue Mapp founded outdoor Afro in 2009. They connect all black Americans to avoid building stereotypes. Black Americans should be different, unique and special and in this camp, you should expect connections, Camping networks and support. Their services are mainly for black Americans. There is no specific price.

duGard Communications

perri duGard Owens founded duGard Communications in 2013. They help agencies get strategic communications from their clients. They have smoothened the relationship between a brand and its customers. They offer services to every agency that needs them. Their price is determined according to what you want.

OmNoire Retreat Academy

Christian Rice founded OmNoire Retreat Academy in 2016. It connects Black women and Women of color with luxury opportunities worldwide. It helps you to meet different women and connect. They offer services to only Black women and Women of color. Their price is determined by which retreat you wish to go.

Black girl in Om

  Lauren Ash founded black girl in Om in 2014. It connects black to be able to share experiences. It gives room for networking and non-judgemental advice. They offer services to black women. The retreat occasion determines their price.


Demetrius Lambert-Falconer

Demetrius Lambert-Falconer

Looking for some family camping or women camping events in 2024 for about 2023.


Billy Glenn

Billy Glenn

Been a camper for many years do not see many like me in the camp grounds I ran across this site like to know more about it



Any black camp and Groups and California



There any black family camping in Massachusetts want make group for more family to join .I’m a camper trailer find more camper like me to join

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