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International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia is a day to raise awareness about the various inequities and human rights violations that have been inflicted upon members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Since 2013, the Human Rights Campaign began tracking the violent fatalities among transgender and gender non-conforming people. HRC tracked 44 fatalities in 2020. However, 2016 data from the Unerased Counting Transgender Live Project reports the murders of 1 in 19,000 U.S. Trans women annually, with the murder rates of Black Trans women at 1 in 2,600. Organizations such as these work tirelessly to create safe spaces and advocate to defend the Human Rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Read On to see the top orgs leading the charge for equality & social justice.


Audrey Lorde Project

The organisation was founded in 1994 and its purpose is to organize the community and also to carry out nonviolent Radical protests on issues relating to LGBT rights, prison reforms and AIDS and HIV activism.

It was organised by a Coalition of LGBTSGNC People of Color. It is based in Brooklyn, New York and has been active for 28years.


Marsha P. Johnson Institute

It was founded by Elle Hearns in 2019 and has been active for 3years. It serves to protect the Human rights of Black Transgender people. Its headquarter is located in Richmond, California, USA.


Black Trans Femmes In The Arts

The organisation was founded by Jordyn Jay in 2019 and is located in New York USA. BTFA's gender orientation is a collection of Black trans women and Non-binary Femmes. Its purpose is to create an Empowering community where Blacks trans and non-binary can tackle issues and barriers that are against their growth.


The Okra Project

It was founded by Lanne Fields Stewart in January 2018. The main purpose of this organisation is to tackle issues of food insecurity in queer communities located in New York. Not just in New York, they seek provide resources and meals to Black Trans people worldwide.


Brave Space Alliance

It was founded by Lasaia Wade in 2017. It is a Black and trans-led, LGBTQ+ organisation located on the Southside of Chicago. Its purpose is to empower queer and trans voices, particularly among people of colour.

Bklyn Boihood

It was founded in 2009 by artists Genesis Tramaine and Ryan Holmes in Brooklyn, New York. They are oriented toward Queer and trans people of colour to empower the Masculine of centre Bois, lesbians, queers, trans, doms and AGs of colour.


FEMMEPREMACY was founded by Shayna Janelle on June 13, 2019. The club cares for the physical, emotional and physical lives of Female QTPOC. It holds events in Brooklyn, New York. It was created to centre, celebrate and compensate Black femmes.



It was founded by Asanni Armon in 2019. Its purpose is to raise money through parties to aid Black transgender people in paying for rent, gender-affirming surgeries and travel assistance. The headquarters is at Brooklyn, New York.

Black Trans Travel Fund

Launched in June 2019 by Devin Michael Lowe. It aims to provide Black trans women with the necessary resources for safe travels in New York and New Jersey. Its headquarters is in New York USA.

Black Vision Collective

It was co-founded by Kandace Montgomery, Miski Noor, and Oluchi Omeoga in December 2017 in Minnesota. Its purpose is for the liberation of Black people in Minnesota and it intersects with both LGBTQ and transgender communities.

Solution not Punishment Collaborative(SNapCo)

SnapCo is a political organisation founded in 2013 and is located in Georgia USA. It is an activist group to stop passive genocide, the incarceration of Black transgender women. Toni-Michelle Williams is currently the Executive director SnapCo.

Center for Black Equity

It is a coalition of Black gay pride organisers with Earl Fowlkes as the President. He founded the organization in 1999 as a coalition of organizers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa. The organisation aims to create an international safe community of LGBT/SGL.

The Knights & Orchids Society

TKO is a society founded by Black queers Quentin and Jennine Bells in 2012 in Alabama USA. It aims to improve the lives of the LGBT community through education, the creation of safe spaces and Unity among queer people of colour.


Colors started as a Magazine in 1991 by Hinson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It aims to create and build the Black LGBT community as well as provide wellness programs.

Black Transmen Inc

This community for men was founded by Carter Brown in 2011 in Dallas, Texas USA. It is a non-profit advocacy organisation that aims to secure the identity and equality of female to male trans men within the society.


The National Black Justice Coalition

NBJC was founded by Mandy Carter on December 8, 2003 in Washington, DC USA. Its purpose is for the empowerment of the LGBTQ/SGL community not excluding those living with HIV/AIDS.

Starfruit Project

The project was started in 2018 by Briyana D. Clare. The purpose was to support and aid healing and growth through creativity among queer Black people. She hosts a virtual ready community, encouraging people to read more books.

House of GG

It is a non-profit organisation in Arkansas founded by Miss Major Griffin-Gracy. It started officially in 2009, but she has always protected the community from the 1900s.The mission is to create programs, services and resources that can help improve the lives of Transgender Black people. She is older and connects with the older community.

Transgender Gender-Variant & Intersex Justice Project

TGIJP is a non-profit organisation founded in 2004 and is

based in San Francisco, CA. The purpose is to end the issue of Human rights abuses against queer black people. It caters fir TGI individuals inside and outside of prison and detention centers.

Black Queer & Intersectional Collective

It was co-founded by Dkeama Alexis and Arianna Steele in 2017. They aim for the liberation of queer Black people and aim to create a world where Black queer people are safe. They are based in Central Ohio.


This is a DC-based organization, was founded by Adeyanju. The organisation aim to promote music, lifestyle and an ecosystem that elevates the LGBTQ community.

Homeless Black Trans Women Fund

It was founded by Jesse Pratt Lopez on June 3, 2020. They are based in Miami, where you can walk in to visit them. The initiative is a GoFundMe campaign that aims to help homeless trans women in Atlanta, USA.

SisTers PGH

Founded by Ciora Thomas in 2013. It is a non-profit organisation in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. It focuses on transgender women of colour and aims to educate them to empower the LGBTQ community.


The organisation was founded in 2011. It is also known as Youth BreakOUT. It is an advocacy organisation for LGBT human rights, and policies and aims to end the criminalization of the LGBTQ community.

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