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Now with over 70M U.S. household purchasing plant-based marketplace has grown into a $7B industry. Black U.S. consumers are credited with contributing to 2020 increases in vegan/vegetarian participation and are 3x more likely to be vegan compared to other races (Pew Research). These expansions in the marketplace have created new opportunities for plant-based products.

Read On for twenty-five plant-based black owned brands to support:

  1. Reel Paper

Reel Paper is a black owned company started by Derin Oyekan. Reel’s products are tree-free paper alternatives, reducing the number of trees cut down to make paper. One such product is the premium tree-free kitchen towel.


  1. Smile Natural Products

Smile Natural Products is a black owned business founded by Brian Mays. Smile supplies sustainable, organic products in oral hygiene, skincare and home essentials. Smile produces the Bamboo Toothbrush, a natural antimicrobial, eco-friendly and biodegradable toothbrush.


  1. Oui The People

Oui The People is a black woman owned skincare and sustainable shaving brand founded by Karen Young. One of their most notable products is the recyclable and refillable razor blade.


  1. PUR Home

    PUR Home is a black owned woman business founded by Angela Richardson. It produces sulfate-free cleaning products that don’t come with plastic packaging. PUR Home’s Dish detergent is a true green and eco-friendly product.


    1. Ruby Love

    Ruby Love, a femtech company, was founded by Crystal Etienne, a black female businesswoman. The company makes period apparel from absorbent organic materials. Their period-proof bathing suits are a good purchase.


    1. The True Products

    The True Products was started by three brothers, Malik Saleem, Ali B. Muhammad and Abdur-Rahim Shaheed. This black owned brand’s products don’t contain any animal essences or caustic ingredients. Their laundry detergent, True Detergent, is one of the major detergents available on the market.


    1. Jewel Sanitary Napkins

    This is the manufacturer of Reign Sanitary Napkins, an ultra-thin, super absorbent sanitary pad. These pads don’t contain any plastic, are biodegradable and non-toxic. The company was founded by Demond Crump, a U.S veteran and serial entrepreneur.


    1. Eco Daisy

      Eco Daily is a black woman owned business started by Dr. Priscilla Johnson. Eco Daisy makes 100% natural cleaning products. One such product is the safe and non-toxic Eco Daisy hand soap.


      1. Ujamaa Lighting  

      Ujamaa Lighting is a black owned company started by Rob Jackson. They produce long-lasting light bulbs that save up to 85% on energy bills. Ujamaa’s 60-watt replacement bulb can last up to 15,000 hours.


      1. Goodee

      Goodee is a black owned marketplace created by Byron and Dexter Peart. It offers a platform for purchase of hundreds of eco-friendly products. One such product is the Goodee bicycle bucket, designed to eliminate fossil fuel use when running shopping errands.


      1. Luv + Co

      This is a black woman owned business founded by Dr. Melodie. It is a natural make-up brand that uses natural organic ingredients. Their products are fairly priced, with the Luv-U lip gloss going for $26.


      1. Blade + Bloom

      Blade and Bloom is a black owned company started by Dwayne Remondet. It produces 100% natural skin care products. The products are also packaged in re-usable/recyclable containers. One of their products is the Marcella rich body oil, made from sunflower, sweet almond and essential oils.  


      1. Klur Skin-Care

      Klur Skin-Care is a black owned business founded by Lesley Thornton to provide plant-based, plastic-free self-care and skincare products. Klur’s botanical body oil, Elements of Comfort, is fairly priced at $70.


      1. Baxter Wood

      Baxter was founded by Sarah Smith and Kweku Larbi. The black owned brand uses plastic bottles to make raincoats and natural rubber to make rain boots. The Baxter Wood Chelsea Boots is one of their ingenious products.


      1. Hope for Flowers

      Hope for Flowers is a sustainable black woman owned clothing brand founded by Tracy Reese. It uses organic cotton, organic linen, tengel, cupro, all of which are biodegradable, to make clothing that is gentle to the earth. One such clothing is the Cher Maxi Dress, reasonably priced at $332.


      1. Arrow + Phoenix

        Arrow and Phoenix was founded by Kayla Bell. The black woman owned businesses produces swimwear from recyclable materials. The bikinis and active wear produced by the company are soft and sand resistant.


        1. Aliya Wanek

        This is a black woman owned clothing business owned by Aliya Wanek. The company uses sustainable locally dyed natural fibers. Aliya’s Yenay sweatpants are a worthy purchase.


        1. Fill More Waste Less

        Fill More Waste Less is a black owned zero waste business founded by 29-year-old Gabrielle Lauren. This business offers zero-waste liquid refills for common household products, eliminating the need for wasteful plastic bottles. It also offers sustainably crafted daily products such as hair combs and bath towels.


        1. Linoto

        Linoto, a black owned business founded by Jason Evege that makes 100% organic linen bed, bath and home products. You can also get their 100% linen boxer shorts from as low as $30.


        1. Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner

        Good Vibes is a black woman owned business started by Ymani Efunyale. It produces a plant-based household cleaner in multiple fragrances. Good Vibes is a relatively small business and a purchase from their store will be a good gift.


        1. Bolé Road Textiles

          Founded by Hana Getachew, Bolé Road Textiles is a black woman owned business that makes eco-friendly house textiles from natural fabrics. Products include the Accra shower curtain, priced at $230 and the Karo Bath Mat, priced at $70.


          1. Clare

          Clare is the only black-owned paint brand in the U.S. It was founded by Nicole Gibbons, an interior designer. Clare’s paints are toxin-free and without any hazardous air pollutants. The paint containers are also made from recyclable materials. You can shop Clare’s special paints at


          1. Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm

          Founded by the Johnson family, this is a black owned wildflower honey brand that doesn’t use pesticides or additives in its honey. They also offer 100% pure beeswax candles. You can purchase these products at


          1. The HoneyPot Company

          Founded by Bea Dixon and her husband, The HoneyPot is the leading Black-Owned feminine hygiene care brand. Products range from sanitary napkins to OTC vaginosis treatments and sexual health gels/oils.


          1. Sol Cacao

          Founded by the Maloney brothers, Sol Cacao is a black owned business that produces Vegan chocolate bars using sustainable organic farming practices. You can purchase their chocolate bars from

          Which brand is your fav? Are there any we should add? let us know in the comments.


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