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Are you looking for everyday hairstyles that are quick and easy but fabulous? Finding new hairstyles for your hair can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be this way?

Read on. We've got you covered with 5 easy looks that will leave you looking effortlessly stunning! 


  1. Braid outs. (How To) Moisturize and plait your hair in small sections and leave overnight. In the morning, unravel hair plaits, leave it out and show off your beautiful curl patterns. You can give yourself a side part or center part for this hairstyle. 


  1. Bunned Pigtails. (How To) This hairstyle is achieved by parting your hair in two down the center and using hairbands to catch the hair on both sides. Using your hands, create a bun by twisting your hair around the hairband.

                 Photo credit: @brittanywebb_

  1. High-Bun. (How To) Catch your hair in one at the center of your head with the use of a hairband. Then wrap your hair around the hairband and create one big bun. Instead of a bun, you can also leave your hair out as a puff. 

  1. Tiny Pineapple.Use your fingers or a comb to part a small semicircle at the immediate middle-front section, fasten it with a hairband, and leave it out with the rest of your hair. 


  1. Two-Small Front Twists With Bun. (How To) Part two small sections at the front of your hair and then twist them. The remaining section of your hair catch it up with a hairband to the back and leave it out in a puff. 

Have you tried any of these styles? Sound off in the comments. Let us know your favorites. Post your pics to Instagram and tag @blackowned_365. 



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