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  Are you struggling to remain professional and separate remote work from your personal life responsibilities at home? As Black women the ongoing reality of racial discrimination in the work place and the fight to always be respected and viewed as professional becomes a more complicated battle from the remote desk where their racial identity is challenged within your personal living environment.

  Working from home as an effort to curve the pandemic has now challenged respect boundaries further for black women and created more space for biases in comparison to other races who already had the upper hand at the corporate work desk. There is the common belief that self-care is too time consuming, and it only involves putting yourself above others. This is a societal stereotype and not the true representation of self-care.

 Yes, self-care is about taking yourself to dinner, getting your nails done, and  buying yourself something special you have always wanted. Self-care is the deliberate act of caring for yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. It involves creating boundaries and putting yourself first!

 Before plunging face first into the New Year New Me routine of goals, relationships, business launches, new job opportunities, wealth building, breaking generational curses and more, hit the brakes! Take a deep breath. Read On and apply these necessary actions:


Minimize Stressful People & Surroundings
This means learning how to identify interactions, commitments and even relationships that may be contributing to personal stress.
Don't Be a Toxic Friend! Unload & work with a therapist.
Unload and work through your challenges with a professional therapist instead of a friend/significant other. This is beneficial as it helps you to understand yourself better and visualize how you can correct similar situations in the future.
Give Yourself a Break.
Taking breaks help you to relax for a moment and re-focus to attack your work and personal responsibilities with a better attitude. Taking a break prevents you from becoming overwhelmed. This doesn’t have to interfere with your family life of friendships as its about learning to find a moment within your day to unwind and by letting them know this ahead of time will make it understandable.
And When You Do Create The Perfect Space.
Creating a space for when you take a break should be characterized by a calming environment. A place that causes you to regroup and connect with yourself. For example, if you are a nature lover you can find a space in nature to reconnect with you.
Make Time To Exercise.
Taking a walk is a great form of physical exercise that promotes physical and mental health.
Self Love = Self Care

Don’t forget to love and be patient with yourself regardless of your shortcomings. Amidst all the hard work, you must find time for yourself.

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