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The world of sustainability is quickly becoming more accessible, but there’s still so much work to be done. There is over 300 million tons of plastic produced around the world each day with 8 million tons of that waste flooding our oceans—therefore businesses like PUR Home are valuable to build an eco-friendlier environment for the future and even better—they are a black owned business.


PUR Home was founded by Angela Richardson in 2017. In 2012 she did the Big Chop to begin her natural hair care journey, which inspired her search of all natural products for her hair, skin and home. Angela quickly learned that most products that were marketed as natural contained toxic ingredients such as sulfates and parabens. She began experimenting with different raw ingredients and after she successfully formulated a bar of soap, she was hooked. She created laundry detergent, dish soap and multi-surface cleaners—she brought on her partner Michelle and launched PUR Home. Angela is the CEO and focuses primarily on product development, while Michelle heads business operations.


PUR Home is dedicated to producing truly green household cleaners and products with non-toxic-simple ingredients. What also makes the brand unique is the education they are committed to. Consumers are aware of ways to re-use the containers the products are in to reduce waste. The laundry detergent comes in a fully recyclable container—it is biodegradable and can be composted. The outer shell is made of newspaper and cardboard and the inner container is made from water bottle grade plastic.


 Supporting PUR Home is changing the world in more ways than one. Not only are we committing ourselves to building a sustainable lifestyle, but we are also buying black and supporting black women owned businesses, making all the difference in our homes, environment and the black community.

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