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Our life’s source is energy, but if we’re not careful with its preservation we are at risk of harming our air and water sources. And on a micro level, preserving energy can save us a lot of money. More businesses are catching wind of energy efficient options and turning to LED lighting. As a matter of fact, LED lighting was valued at $57.50 billion in 2020 and is expected to surpass $151.02 billion by 2027 according to Precedence Research. And while some would say having access to energy efficient options is a privilege, as a black owned business, Ujamaa LED Lighting company is on a mission to get more energy efficient lighting in black and low-income homes.


Meet Rob Jackson

Ujamaa was founded by Rob Jackson in June 2019. Rob based out of Austin, TX had been working as an IT professional, but maintained his passion for entrepreneurship. Growing up he and his family were always careful to turn off the lights in rooms that were not occupied to cut back on the electric bill—a practice in most black households. He soon realized that there was little to no representation of black owned businesses in the LED lighting space and started Ujamaa soon after.


 The name Ujamaa has Swahili origins and represents extended family and focuses on the practice of self-reliance and uplifting community. Anyone who purchases from the company is a part of the Ujamaa family. Some of their post popular products include The 60W LED Pack and the SMART LED Light that has options for mobile device control. Not only are you buying black, but you are investing in the most cost effective and long-lasting LED lights on the market.

LED Lights are the future, and they save on 80% more energy than incandescent lights. They also use less heat, so are significantly safer and not to mention more cost efficient in the long run. Be a part of the solution and join the Ujamaa family.

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