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"The average woman will use up to 11,000 sanitary pads in her lifetime!"

Ref: (Absorbent Hygiene Product Manufacturers Association/AHPMA)  

In what has now become a saturated marketplace (no pun intended), largely dominated by Always/Kotex/Stayfree/Brandex, Tiara Moore, founder of Reign Pads is using the power of tech to break through.


 From The Classroom to the Laboratory

  • The journey for Moore began in 2002 as a middle school science teacher in Atlanta Georgia. Her resume later expanded to STEM coordinator, and Program Manager at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • In her personal life, she reflected on her experience shopping for feminine hygiene products, “Most menstrual pads and liners being marketed currently are of plastic and contain toxic chemicals” Moore says. “Based on these experiences I wanted to create safe, healthy, and high-quality products for women”.

 Followed by extensive D&R, Moore added yet another title to her last name, “entrepreneur” and launched Reign Pads.


Decoding the hi-tech design

  • In contract to their core competitors Reign Pads boasts a patented design that includes double wings, leak guard, a graphene infused strip, and eight layers of highly absorbent material.
  • The eighth and final layer is topped off with an agricultural grade adhesive as a substitute for Chloroform/Chloroethane.


Understanding chloroform/chloroethane

  • Chloromethane is a dangerous chemical that is commonly used in leading sanitary pad brands and can potentially cause various forms of cancer.
  • Chloroform in addition to being a carcinogen (cancer causing agent) also produces toxicants that can impair reproductive capabilities.

 All Heavy Flow, Medium Flow, Light Flow, and panty liner products are plant-based, plastic-free and non-toxic, period! The packing is also recyclable! Her motivation in 3 words: Wealth, Freedom, & Service.

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