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A lot of us start out the new year with plans to finally get fit, but a lack of accountability and support, including not having the right tools, can really keep us from achieving those goals. Because we want this year to be different, we’ve curated a list of black-owned fitness equipment brands that you can shop from to help you achieve your goals.


P.S: This list focuses on equipment and gear. If you want to shop for fitness clothing brands, check out this other article instead.


  1. Actively Black

Actively Black is all about premium workout gear, and that penchant for great quality doesn’t stop at their clothing; it extends to their accessories as well. Their gym bags, which are available in various styles and sizes to suit men and women, will keep you looking good while going in and out of the gym.


  1. Powerhandz

Powerhandz is about to get your arms really sore! They are best known for their weighted gloves that are meant to enhance performance for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, rehab patients, among many others.


  1. Soulcap

If you have thick hair, then you know the struggle that one goes through when it comes to finding swimming caps that will fit all our hair in and protect our hair from feeling stripped because of some chemicals used in pools. That’s where Soulcap comes in. Soulcap makes caps that will protect people with longer, thicker hair (whether it’s an extension or your own), dreadlocks, braids, etc. They also make towels, specially formulated to reduce friction on your hair.


  1. Gymwrap

Gymwrap is a brand that specializes in creating headbands that wick sweat away from your hair and face, and they also have sweat gear that helps other areas of the body. This is great for those who want to work up a sweat, without necessarily looking like it.


  1. Toned by BaggedEm

Toned by BaggedEm has possibly the most beautiful illustrated yoga mats we have ever seen. The mats, which contain images originally illustrated by the founder’s own mother, have illustrations of black women working out on them. These are meant to instill a sense of pride in your skin and be a subtle reminder that you can do some pretty awesome things. Don’t forget to shop for their gym bags as well.



JAXJOX is a super innovative fitness gear brand that has figured out a way to set you up with one smart machine that will allow you to build muscle, trim fat, and soothe sore muscles, all from the comfort of your very own living room. The all-in-one machine called Interactive Studio has many customizations, including choosing whether to get either a kettlebell or dumbbells. Now, this one is an investment, but it may just be worth it because buying it will allow you to cancel your gym membership for a couple of years without compromising on your results. Plus, it gets much easier to hit your fitness goals sometimes if you don’t even have to leave the house to get it done.

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